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Africa’s Role Model; Eritrea’s 30 Years of Independence

Expect a lot of lies and slander about the upcoming election in
Ethiopia to try and denigrate PM Abiy’s upcoming landslide. The TPLF
regime were overwhelming hated by all Ethiopians and the destruction
of the TPLF has been cheered by Ethiopians at home and in the
diaspora. The popularity of PM Abiy and his program for change in
Ethiopia will be demonstrated conclusively in this upcoming election
so all the western banksters and their lackeys in the UN and the human
rights mob will be able to do is try and spread disinformation and
slanders in an attempt to taint the legitimacy of the election.

The role model Eritrea has been for the last 30 years has begun to be
noticed in Africa and the new government in Sudan is just one example
of how Eritrea is leading the way in bringing peace to what used to be
known as the Horn of Hunger in Africa.

The end of the TPLF was publicly welcomed by all of the nations
comprising the Horn of Africa, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and
others as well. While the future is still fraught with challenges and
difficulties there is a role model for our neighbors, and eventually
the rest of Africa to follow. Eritrea is Africa’s role model and has
30 years of independence proving it.

Thomas C. Mountain is an educator and historian living and reporting
from Eritrea since 2006. See thomascmountain on Twitter,
thomascmountain on Facebook and he can be reached at thomascmountain
at g mail dot com

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