Advice for somali leader: Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists!

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By Dr. M. Omar Hashi recent decision of the United Nations Security Council to lift the 1992 Arms Embargo

on Somalia is a major victory for the Government of President
Hassan Sheikh in Mogadishu. It is also a clear message that the Western powers
led by the United States and EU have officially recognized the Government of
Somalia as a sovereign entity with the right to rebuild independent national
army and police forces.

However, despite
this major victory in New York for Hassan Sheikh there is the ominous
risk that the Arab League will undermine stability and resuscitate the
Al-Shabaab terrorists at this crucial turning point. The recent March 4-6
meetings in Doha, Qatar constitute an imminent danger to the
peace and development of Mogadishu and its people.

The Arab
regimes, similar to Kenya and Ethiopia, are not at all pleased with the
eradication of the AlQaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab in Mogadishu and throughout
Southern and Central Somalia. The Arab regimes have invested millions
of dollars in the creation of AlShabaab terrorists since the 1990s and are very
much equally responsible for the butchering of Mogadishu.

For the Amir of
Qatar to suddenly offer to mediate the reconciliation with the Al-Shabaab is
not only shameful and unacceptable, it is criminal intent to undermine the
peaceful developments spearheaded by Turkey taking place at the moment.

If Hassan Sheikh
who already has become indebted to the Arab League accepts the Qatari mediation
with Al-Shabaab criminals then his government will become a vehicle for the
slaughter and destruction of his own tribe. The Al-Shabaab leadership have
massacred outright hundred of thousands of Hawiye civilians.  In fact, they have
assassinated close to
hundred intellectuals, religious scholars, and businessmen from the Cayr Habr
Ghedir clan alone!

The Hawiye Elders Council, foremost the
courageous Ahmed Dirie Ali has spoken out in no uncertain terms against any
talks with the so called Al-Shabaab.  Any
reconciliation with the Al-Shabaab terrorist war criminals like Ahmed Godane,
Fuad Shangole, Mukhtar Roobow, Ali Dheere, and Hassan Dahir Aweys is
treacherous act against the memory of the innocent students, women, doctors,
religious scholars, and clan elders slaughtered in Mogadishu since 2008. It is
noteworthy that Hassan
Sheikh knows who the leadership of Al-Shabaab are and what crimes they have
done against his own Abgaal clan.

Today, under the tutelage of Arab regimes it
appears President Hassan Sheikh has intentionally ignored the massive terrorist
crimes committed against Hawiye by Al-Shabaab and chosen lowly petro-dollars to
negotiate with war criminals.  If in the
coming months the Qatari- AlQaeda conspiracy to legitimate through negotiations
the Al-Shabaab proxies works, then Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud is a useless
accomplice for Arab imperialism and by extension AlQaeda in Somalia!

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