Adeso Ambassador Barkhad Abdi appeals for Somali cyclone aid

MAREEG.COM-Nairobi, December 6^th, 2013 – Somali born actor Barkhad Abdi has appealed for more
aid to help people affected by the tropical cyclone which devastated the Puntland
region of Somalia three weeks ago. The star of Hollywood blockbuster Captain
Phillips has made the appeal in his new role as Ambassador for the African
humanitarian and development organisation, Adeso.

Over 100,000 people are struggling to cope in the aftermath of the ferocious cyclone
which brought four days of heavy rain, icy winds, flash floods and mudslides. Roads,
houses, mosques, schools and farms were destroyed; water sources were damaged and
contaminated; and mudslides have unearthed deadly landmines from the Somali civil

Barkhad Abdi said:
“Thousands of people have lost their homes and their livelihoods too. Fishing boats
were washed away and entire herds of livestock drowned – without them many people
have no income. These people were already living in extreme poverty. Now they have
nothing. They are at risk of total destitution and they urgently need our help to
survive and to rebuild their lives.”

Adeso is helping communities meet their immediate needs. In the long term, the
charity intends to provide vital support to rehabilitate local infrastructure
including water sources, roads and homes, as well as helping to restore the
livelihoods of nomadic and fishery communities.

Fatima Jibrell, Founder of Adeso said:
“Adeso is uniquely placed to respond to this crisis. We have worked in the Puntland
region for over twenty years and have built deep relationships with communities
there. We have supported them through civil war, drought and famine. Now we are
helping them recover from this new disaster. But we need more money to reach more
people; to help these vulnerable communities recover and rebuild.”