A Saudi journalist origin from Somalia deported to Mogadishu , An exclusive interview with RADIO DALSAN * Mareeg.com somalia, World News and Opinion.
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A Saudi journalist origin from Somalia deported to Mogadishu , An exclusive interview with RADIO DALSAN

Mareeg.com- A Saudi born journalist but original from Somalia, Omar osman has been deported from Saudi Arabia to Somalia in regards of  allegation- after  he twittered a misappropriate things against the Saudi kingdom.


The 33 year old osman, who’s the writer of AL-YOOM newspaper in Saudi Arabia for quite six good years, is now suffering despondently.


This deportation comes last Friday after he has been in jail for three months. An interview with RADIO DALSAN Omar says,  “For the last three month I have been in jail. then  last week the internal security minster communicated with me, and told me that I have been illegally operating in Saudi Arabia. With no valid documents.


The minster told me in order to find an evidence, regarding your accusation we have done further investigation incorporation with our security agencies,- we therefore dare to deport you to Somalia. After that they transported me to the immigration sector in the airport”.




Although it is his first time in Somalia, we visited him at his hotel in Mogadishu. Omar seem to be different because of the new faces, he hardly speaking broken Somali language with mimicry of Arabic words. he told us his historical background with a long conversation Omar says.




“I have valid documents I born in Riyadh the city of Saudi Arabia. 33 years now, I studied there from my primary up to university. All my siblings are living there, I don’t have any family in Somalia” Omar quoted sadly.




In efforts from his family in Saudi Arabia is a pealing to the government in order to return Omar back home.




Omar studied engineering then joined school of journalism where he have been working with different media organization in Saudi Arabia for the last decade.


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