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Somali capital hosts student protests over exam leaks

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Hundreds of high school students staged protests over the course of last week, demanding the dismissal of country’s Education Minister Abdullahi Godah Barre over national exam cancellation.

The angry student protests was held in Mogadishu on Tuesday when Somali Minister of Education cancelled national exams after exam papers were leak and sold.

Two students were reportedly shot and injured by police after police allegedly fired live bullets on the student protesters, according to some students.

The victims were taken into hospital.

Hon. Godah says the high school students have been taking exams since Saturday, saying exams will be retaken May 27-31.

Mr. Godaha said the high school students across Mogadishu capital, have been sharing photos on social media of what appear to be the final exams for the subjects.

He also said all social media would be blocked for 5 days to stop illegal circulation.

His cancellation sparked mass angry student protests in the capital of Mogadishu.

Hon. Godah was thrown stones during the rally while trying to convince the students to their protests and go back to home.

Mohamed Hussein, a high school student, says country’s minister of education and his partners should resign over the exam paper leaks.

Hussein called for dismissal of Godah.

He accused him of failing to control and manage the country’s national exam.

A Somali educational official, who asked to be anonymous, said dismissing the education minister will not solve the problem.

He says the leaks will continue regardless of who heads the ministry unless and until the culprits are brought to justice.

Somali police says its soldiers have arrested suspected man, who was identified as Jamaludin Hassan Hersi.

Somali police arrests Jamaludin Hassan Hers, one of exam supervisors over national exam leaks

Hersi was one of two people in charge of supervising exams, while Somali National exams were reportedly leaked in Balanballe district of Galmudug region of Somalia.