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Somali national killed in S Africa, amid rising xenophobic attacks

MOGADISHU, Somalia – A Somali national has been killed and another was injured by gunmen in South Africa’s King Willaims town, amid rising xenophobic attacks.

The victim, whose name has been released as Mukhtar Omar was gunned down after gunmen raided on his shop in the town, his collogue said.

He says the attackers took all his money and other properties at his shop and then escaped from the crime scene.

He said other attackers also wounded another Somali businessman identified as ‘Osmail after an attack on his shop in Mayfair area of Johannesburg.

The South African police remained unavailable to comment on the rising xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in the nation.

The attack comes a day after Somali national was shot and killed at his shop on Sunday. The killers also fled uncaught.

A new reported released by Human Rights Watch said violence against foreign nationals appears to be on the rise amid political tensions in the lead-up to national elections scheduled for May 8.

HRW also urged authorities in South Africa launch urgently investigate, and arrest and prosecute those responsible for a spate of violence against foreign nationals.

The rights group said in the report that the police have yet to make any arrests following these attacks, in which some foreign nationals were killed and several others seriously injured.

Hundreds of foreign nationals sought shelter at police stations or other places, as their homes, trucks, and other belongings were also looted or destroyed, according to the report released by HRW.