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UK supports political dialogue process in Zambia

LUSAKA, Zambia, September 27, 2017–Speaking to news editors on 27 September, the British High Commissioner, Mr. Fergus Cochrane-Dyet OBE, remarked:

“I encourage all stakeholders to engage in an open, consultative, respectful and forward-looking dialogue process, to foster political tolerance and reconciliation in the proud tradition of the Republic of Zambia’s ability to sustain harmony and peace over many decades. This process should be Zambian owned and led. The UK and other cooperating partners are considering ways we might support the process, for example the UK is looking at how it can assist the Electoral Commission of Zambia in any potential electoral and constitutional reforms.”

The High Commissioner said Britain fully supports the initiative from the Commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Scotland, for a dialogue process leading to a road map of reforms ahead of the 2021 elections. The recent visit to Lusaka by the Commonwealth Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Zambia, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, a highly respected diplomat and statesman, marked a significant step forward.

He said the UK commends H.E. President Edgar Lungu and Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for their commitment to engage in this dialogue process in the interests of the Zambian people.