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A 5-year Developmental Plan of Banadir Region Kicks off

Mareeg Media:Mogadishu, Feb 16, 2019- Finance and Administration Assistant-Chairman of Banadir Region, Mr. Hussein Mohamed Nur has today launched a consultative meeting and preparations for a developmental plan meant for Banadir Region in the next five years.

The meeting is set to analyze a draft meant for the Developmental Plan of Banadir Region regarding 2019-2024. The participants of the meeting have thoroughly debated on the ways to prioritize the needs that remain essential to the basis of this plan.

The Assistant Chairman has pointed out that the plan will be based on the needs of the residents of Banadir Region that need to be prioritized in the up-coming five years, while the move also aims to start the consultations with the administrative departments and extends to reach all districts and different entities among the citizens, so as to secure their vital recommendations.

“Our objective is to ensure that the plan emanates from the residents of Banadir Regions themselves and remains a basis for their preferences and the consultations will go through different fundamental aspects, so as to make the plan a suitable one for the residents living in the city”.

On the other hand, Mr. Hussein Mohamed Nur, The Assistant Chairman, has reiterated that Banadir Region Administration is committed to restoring the decision-making back to the citizens, so as to make every task being undertaken relevant to the needs of all districts in Mogadishu.

The meeting was attended by the Assistant Chairman for Public Works and Social Affairs among other Directors representing Banadir Region Administration.