Somalia:Somali police Foil Car Bomb Attack in Mogadishu

Car explosion occurred at parts of Maka Al Mukarama Road in Mogadishuthis afternoon


The explosion has been heard in some parts of  Benadir district, and it occurred at a distance from the Haji Baasto between Tire Plain and Workers.


A police has said that” car was packed with explosives on the roadside but exploded before the security forces tried detonated their explosives.



Two civilian and police officer who was guarding the car has been injured not death has been reported



The explosion has caused destruction of commercial buildings in the city.The security forces immediately cordoned the area, telling the people to stay away, after the suspected car was sighted” Mohamed Ali, a witnesses said, “Only two people were wounded in the attack”

Maka al-Mukmarama road has recently been the target of targeted roadside bombings and the sixth blast that occurred in the area since Ramadan that is currently underway for two months.

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