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4 years later President Farmajo fulfills the hopes and aspirations of the Somali citizens

It fell to us after about a month. February 8, 2021, the fourth anniversary of the election of His Excellency Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo as President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

His Excellency Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo won the presidency for four years after receiving 186 votes, or 56 percent, of the total members of Parliament, while his closest rival, former President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, in the second round, got 97 votes, or 28 percent.

The elections that took place at the air force base in the capital, Mogadishu, and which were contested by 21 candidates, carried the hopes and aspirations of the Somali people inside and outside the country to lead the country towards progress and prosperity.

The joy prevailed across the country immediately after the announcement of His Excellency Farmajo’s victory in the presidency of the country, and the citizens and soldiers took to the streets to express their intense joy at this historic moment.

Celebrations continued in the streets of the capital and the regions of the country until late that evening, when the President of the Republic directed citizens to return to their homes, expressing his thanks and appreciation to them.

What contributed to the victory of His Excellency Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, the ninth president in the country’s history, in these elections is his widespread popularity among Somalis, inside and outside the country.

This popularity enjoyed by His Excellency Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo is due to the great achievements he made during his tenure as Prime Minister from October 14, 2010 to 2011, most notably the regular payment of salaries to soldiers, which contributed to the strengthening of the operations aimed at eliminating the youth militias associated with Al-Qaeda. It was tightening the screws at the time on the capital, Mogadishu.

The electoral program pursued by the President of the Republic at that time also played a major role in winning the votes and support of the members of the Federal People’s Assembly and the Senate, as the program focused on combating corruption that established a bad stereotype about Somalia, in addition to restoring the honor and dignity of the Somali citizen in international affairs.

His Excellency the President of the Republic has given priority to supporting and rehabilitating the soldiers, in addition to the comprehensive reconciliation process in order to reunite and unite the Somali people, and to reduce external interference in the country’s affairs.

The President of the Republic also pledged to give the youth and women groups sufficient space to participate in making decisions related to the political process in the country.

His Excellency President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo was keen on strengthening Somalia’s relationship with neighboring countries and the world in general, out of cooperation in the security, economic and social fields.

Among the most prominent achievements that have been achieved in the four years of the President’s assumption of office, the elimination of the centers of corruption that hindered the work of government institutions, whether security, judicial and others, and the regular payment of salaries of soldiers and civilian workers.

His Excellency also worked to strengthen the program of exemption from foreign debts owed by Somalia, which is about to end and the development of the local economy by raising national income and standardizing taxes.

The federal government also succeeded in returning Somali prisoners to their homeland from several countries, including Libya, India and Ethiopia, standardizing the country’s curriculum and providing many scholarships for Somali students.

In May 2018, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, called for a volunteer campaign program to rebuild public facilities such as the National Theater, Museum, National Library and Mogadishu International Stadium, all of which were opened within a short time.

The federal government also worked to return the most important historical and national monuments, which represent the symbols of struggle and struggle against foreign colonialism to gain freedom.

The militants and historical heroes returned to their memorial sites in the capital Mogadishu again after a long-awaited absence.

Somalia has succeeded in receiving presidents and officials from several countries, and important conferences have been held, which confirms the improvement of the security situation in the country.

The most important factor on which the federal government relies is gaining the trust and support of Somali citizens inside and outside the country, as well as the continuous and continuous support of the international community.

The federal government is preparing to hold popular elections, as the electoral law has been approved by the representatives of the People’s Assembly and the Senate to be signed by the President of the Republic in order to be implemented.

The most important characteristic of the President of the Republic is his constant desire to preserve public property, as he travels on public airplanes during his visits abroad or a plane sent from the host country, and this is in order to save travel costs that he thinks the citizen is more entitled to.

His Excellency Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo also distinguished himself by giving importance to citizens at all times, as he made sure not to hold any occasion to commemorate his election during the past four years, but rather directed the establishment of clinics to treat the displaced and the poor free of charge, and his Excellency visited some areas liberated from the youth militia to inspect and encourage brave forces and listen To the needs of the local population.

In the fourth year of the President of the Republic assuming office, the citizens became more certain that they would obtain a state that gives them full rights, preserves the sovereignty and territorial integrity, takes into account the interests of its people, and is ruled by the law.

Somali citizens are looking forward to President Farmajo being re-elected for another four years because they see that his failure to elect him means the return of smuggling operations and the migration of young men to Europe, the return of tribal militia, the return of sea pirates, and the increase in the activities of terrorist movements.

 The people are looking forward to the international community to understand all this, and support President Farmajo Wajeh, the opposition politicians who carry in their records grave violations of the people’s right, accusations of corruption and human rights violations.




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