Kenyan officials react to CitizenGO’s remarks on education

Solar panels line the roof of a building in the Rift Valley village of Olosho-Oibor, Kenya. TRF/Benson Rioba

CitizenGO‘–Ann Kioko, Campaign Director for CitizenGO Africa: “50 schools have incorporated unsanctioned materials in their lessons”.

KENYA, JANUARY 25, 2019. Schools teaching comprehensive sex education risk disciplinary action from the government after the curriculum developer on Tuesday, January 8th termed the content in the lessons “immoral and unapproved”. This follows a series of letters to officials sent by CitizenGO on the matter.

CitizenGO denounced that over “50 primary and secondary schools in several counties, among them Nairobi, Kakamega, Bungoma, Siaya, Homa Bay, Kisumu and Kajiado, have incorporated the comprehensive education in their lessons”, according to its Africa Campaign Director, Ann Kioko.

In a letter dated December 21st, addressed to the Minister of Education, CitizenGO had denounced, for the second time, that schools were teaching those contents without sanction by the government and overruling set programs to pursue their own agenda.

Official reaction

Dr. Julius Jwan, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) director, said the materials being used in those schools do not meet the accepted education and moral standards. “We have never approved such material to be used in our schools. As we speak, quality assurance officers across the country are on the ground investigating the issue,” said Dr. Jwan.

“The content of this curriculum is chilling, it teaches children on masturbation, homosexuality, abortions, and access to contraceptives, sex as a right, transgender, erosion of parental roles and promiscuity at a tender age”, Ann Kioko said. Sex education has been a controversial topic in the country, with parents and education stakeholders condemning it.

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