The Middle East’s Three Timelines

22nd August 2014 MAREEG 0 – Three distinct timelines are shaping developments in the Middle East: the short-term timeline of daily struggles and politics; the medium-term timeline of geopolitical shifts, which is measured in [Read More]

Middle East

The Last Pagans of Iraq

10th August 2014 MAREEG 0

SINGAPORE – With US President Barack Obama belatedly ordering air strikes and humanitarian airdrops of food and relief supplies to refugees in northern Iraq, the world is finally taking action [Read More]

Middle East

Why Bomb Civilians? 

7th August 2014 MAREEG 0

NEW YORK – The time before last that Israel was fighting a war in Gaza, in 2009, Avigdor Lieberman, the foreign minister at the time, compared the conflict to America’s [Read More]

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Middle East

Ethics in Gazas in Gaza

4th August 2014 MAREEG 0 – Is Israel’s military action in Gaza morally defensible? Different answers to that question are possible. Some depend on answers to prior questions about the founding of the state [Read More]

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