Middle East

The Arab World’s Options

26th April 2014 MAREEG 0

Mareeg.com- AMMAN – When the Arab awakening began in 2011, its primary goal should have been to advance pluralism and democracy – causes that were neglected in the Arab world’s [Read More]


The End of the Two-State Solution

17th April 2014 MAREEG 0

Mareeg.com-BANGALORE – US Secretary of State John Kerry’s valiant effort to save the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is about to end in failure. Though achieving a substantive settlement was always a [Read More]


Education Without Borders

14th March 2014 MAREEG 0

Mareeg.com-LONDON – As the third anniversary of the start of Syria’s civil war approaches, there is a race against time to deliver a groundbreaking education project to the conflict’s hardest-hit [Read More]

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