The Many Benefits of Vitamin D

28th April 2017 Mo 0

by Melvin Sanicas-SINGAPORE – Vitamin D helps our bodies regulate levels of calcium and phosphate – nutrients that keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Often, sunlight on our skin can [Read More]


Uniting Against Malaria

25th April 2017 Mo 0

by Julie Essiam,Joy Phumaphi-Mareeg.com-LOMÉ/GABORONE – As African women leading influential and impact-driven organizations – the Ecobank Foundation and the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) – we are passionate about building [Read More]


Finishing Off Malaria

8th April 2017 Mo 0

by Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor-Mareeg.com-JEDDAH – Malaria has long been one of the major killer diseases of our age. World Health Organization data show that as much as half of the world’s [Read More]

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