The Second Opening of Japan

21st April 2014 MAREEG 0 – US President Barack Obama is visiting Tokyo at a unique moment in my country’s history, with Japan’s economy moving onto a stable new growth path that will take [Read More]


An Afghan Afghanistan

30th March 2014 MAREEG 0 DELHI – As it braces for its upcoming presidential election, Afghanistan finds itself at another critical juncture, with its unity and territorial integrity at stake after 35 years of [Read More]


Japan: Sorry for Nothing

7th March 2014 MAREEG 0

NEW YORK – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is once again stirring Asia’s cauldron of national rivalries and historical resentments. This time, he has instructed a committee of historians to [Read More]


Asia’s New Security Trifecta

23rd February 2014 MAREEG 0 NEW DELHI – Winter is India’s diplomatic high season, with the cool, sunny weather forming an ideal backdrop for pageantry, photo ops at the Taj Mahal or Delhi’s Red [Read More]

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